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Ms. Sasha Albrecht

Why I serve at Our Lady of Grace Academy

I find the greatest joy in being a counselor at Our Lady of Grace to be getting to know our scholars on a personal level. I find a sense of purpose in sharing in their ups and downs of life. I love that they come to me not only with bad news (as many would assume you only see a counselor when things are bad), but that I get to hear about the good stuff too like a new sibling being born or when they get a great report from their teacher that day. Even when they come to me with bad news, I feel grateful that I am able to help even in a small way.

My Hopes for our Scholars' Futures...

The future that I wish for my scholars is that they grow into individuals who are able to make ethically-informed decisions for themselves in the ever-changing world. I hope that they are prepared for an academic and occupational future of their choosing, whether that entail college, military service, a career, or another path. I hope they continue to set goals throughout their life and feel prepared to tackle obstacles as they arise. Lastly, I hope that whatever they do, they do it with kindness, respect, and responsibility for themselves and others.

Catholic Schools Week

  Open House - 10:30 am - 12:00 pm 
  "Thanking our supporters"
  "Following in the Footsteps of Jesus"
  Intentional Play Day
  Mass - Grade 1
  "Caught Being Kind!"
  "Stuff the Bus" food drive
   All-school read:  The Three Trees 
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