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Mrs. Julie Becke

Why I serve at Our Lady of Grace Academy

Beside the responsibilities of my profession: teaching essential skills, nurturing curiosity, cultivating individual abilities, and giving scholars a sense of purpose, teaching in a Catholic school calls me to share in the work of Jesus.


The fact that OLGA is a Choice School is also a proponent of why I want to teach here. I believe that diversity improves education because children of a variety of backgrounds learn about overcoming differences. Their acceptance of all prepares them for anything they choose to do when they leave the classroom.


My vocation at OLGA, leads me on a path in which Jesus is at the core of my teaching. He has called me to be a teacher, given me the ability to touch hearts and minds, bring the Good News to the world, and form and develop each individual's God-given gifts

My Hopes for our Scholar's Futures...

I want our scholars to be able to deal with the most challenging parts of the world in a healthy way and for them to be effective communicators, thoughtful leaders, and active citizens working to improve the world.

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