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Mrs. Jennifer Hohner

Why I serve at Our Lady of Grace Academy

I was at a conference and this question was posed “What is the one profession that changes the future each and everyday?” The answer is teaching. As a teacher, I impact the future each and everyday. That is one of the many things I love about my profession. We change each and every scholar’s future everyday. By changing their future, we also change the future of the world. I enjoy the fact that I can see my scholars grow each and everyday. Learning new ideas, pushing them to look at something a different way, growing their faith in God, and my absolute favorite is hearing, “Oh I get it now!”. My favorite is “seeing” the light bulb go on when a new concept is learned, or when a scholar who was struggling has that breakthrough moment. There is nothing better for me.

My Hopes for our Scholar's Futures...

I have so many wishes for my scholars. I hope they take their natural curiosity about life and the world and continue to explore and learn. I hope they are lifelong learners. I hope they take all their gifts that God has given them and find a way to use them. I hope they make the world a better place. I hope their faith continues to strengthen and grow. I hope they can see God in the world and how he surrounds them with his love. I hope they find the good in everyone.Finally, I hope they are happy.

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