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Mrs. Kelly Lyman

Why I serve at Our Lady of Grace Academy

In addition to the satisfaction of helping others learn, I am always learning myself. Not only do I feel that I bring knowledge and learning to the classroom but the scholars also fulfill me with a love for learning and knowledge that they bring to discussions. We are constantly learning from each other and this has always given me satisfaction throughout my career. I also find this true here at OLGA. During the past year and a half that I have been here, the scholars in my classroom have so many different backgrounds and experiences that they bring to the classroom. When we have discussion in different content areas, I learn from the experiences that the scholars have had as I present the scholars with the knowledge that I have also. I find that we learn from each other in this way which gives me a sense of purpose about teaching.

My Hopes for our Scholar's Futures...

When I am teaching my scholars, I have the mindset that all of them will attend college or some kind of secondary education in their future. I hold them up to high standards and recognize their skills that they can bring not only to our classroom community but to their future endeavors. I teach my scholars that they can be successful in a variety of ways. Having scholars become aware of their strengths helps them to find ways in which they can be successful in more challenging areas. When scholars are aware of their struggles, they can focus on what they can do to become successful in that area. No matter what their strengths or struggles are, I encourage all students in my classroom to bring those skills to the other learners in the classroom. Together, we can witness learning in a variety of ways. This is what I want for the future of my scholars. No matter where their future takes them, I want them to use the skills that they are strong at as well as strengthen those skills that they struggle with. Both of these together will create successful community members.

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