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Ms. Ashley Mason

Why I serve at Our Lady of Grace Academy

While working at OLGA I have really learned the value of working together both in the classroom with my scholars and will co-workers. In the classroom, I love being able to work together with my class to accomplish different things throughout the day. Although, some may not be directly from the “curriculum”, there seems to always be a way for me to stop what I am doing and say “Let’s think about this” and launch into a wonderful class discussion with my scholars. Working with the faculty at OLGA has helped me learn that I can reach out and ask for help if I am struggling with something. We are more of a family than anything else. We all are able and willing to help each other when it is needed.

My Hopes for our Scholar's Futures...

Each scholar is going have have a different future and different things that I wish for each of them. But overall, I hope for this class is that they continue to grow and see the potential that they have. Many of my scholars still believe that they simply “can’t do” something. I hope that when they leave 2nd grade, they continue to work through that and be pushed to do their best and keep trying no matter how hard something gets. I know that each of my scholars has the potential to do something amazing with their lives but they need to believe in themselves in order to reach that full potential.

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