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Alyssa Schneider

Why I serve at Our Lady of Grace Academy

It is incredibly hard for me to think of just one, because there is so much that I love. Three things really stick out in my mind when I think of why I love my job so much. The first one would be the scholars and families at Our Lady of Grace Academy. We are so lucky at our school to have such diversity at our school. Each scholar brings in their own experiences each and every day and they teach me so much about the world around me. Another thing that sticks out to me about why I love my job would be the support of those around me. I have a fabulous teaching assistant (Mrs. Pedrosa) who does more for me than I can ever thank her for. My days at school would be far more hectic without the support I have from Mrs. Pedrosa. We have a bond that is hard to find and we make a great team. The other staff around me are so supportive as well. There is always a helping hand if there is something that I could use help on or a situation arises and I just don’t know what to do. Finally, my last major reason why I love being at OLGA is that I have the freedom to be the educator that I am and I can teach to the scholar needs. I have the freedom to make decisions in my classroom curriculum that are going to benefit my students. That is something that not all teachers have the opportunity to do. It has become a passion of mine to develop new ways to improve scholar learning, I don’t just have to follow what the textbook is telling me to do. Overall, I absolutely love teaching at Our Lady of Grace Academy and cannot picture myself anywhere else, it’s home to me!

My Hopes for our Scholar's Futures...

Every single scholar that walks through my door earns a very special place in my heart. I want the very best for each and every one of my scholars. This is why I work so hard and put in hours of extra time. I want to lay the foundation for my scholars to be successful for the rest of their lives. Not only academically, but as a person of society as well. I feel that teaching things such as manners and how to be a good person are equally important to the academics. I strive to create an environment where students can learn and apply the creativity that they will need to thrive in their future endeavors. I can only hope that the I leave a lasting impression on my scholars that leads them to a bright and successful future.
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