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ABC Countdown

ABC Countdown to Summer 2018

Join us in celebrating the last 26 days of school! Each day we focus on a different letter, to celebrate ending the school year in fun, unique ways! Below are the dates/activities for this year:

M 5/7- A: Animal Day- Bring a stuffed animal to school for the day.

T 5/8- B: Book Day- Bring your favorite book to read in class.

W 5/9- C: Creativity Day- Find a creative way to show off who you are!

TH 5/10- D: Dear Next Year’s Class: Write a letter to next year's class telling them what to expect and welcoming them to a new year!

F 5/11- E: Extra recess Day: Go outside for an extra recess with your class.

M 5/14-F: Find a new friend day: Play with someone new today at recess.

T 5/15-G: Game Day: Bring a game from home to play at school with your friends.

W 5/16-H: Hat Day: Wear your favorite, school appropriate, hat to school.

TH 5/17-I: I appreciate you Day: Tell someone or write a note, to tell someone what you appreciate most about them. Be sure to give them the note when you are finished.

F 5/18-J: Jersey Day: Wear your favorite sport jersey to school today.

M 5/21-K: Kickball Day: Go outside with your class and play a class game of kickball.

T 5/22-L: Lollipop Day: Receive a lollipop from school to celebrate today.

W 5/23-M: Movie Afternoon: Enjoy watching a movie this afternoon with your class.

TH 5/24-Nose Day: Scholars who donated $1 to the Red Nose Rally, have earned a red casual day today to celebrate Red Nose Day!!

F 5/25-O: Organization Day: Spend the day cleaning and organizing your classroom to get it ready for summer break.

T 5/29-P: Puzzle Day: Complete a variety of different puzzles today! Examples include: floor puzzles, computer puzzles, word search, crosswords, etc.

W 5/30-Q: Question Day: Ask a question that you want to know the answer too!

TH 5/31-R: Relay Race Day: Go outside and enjoy some relay races with your class.

F 6/1-S: SteamRoller Day: Come join us after school for the 1st annual Steam Roller event! Concessions will be available!!!

M 6/4-T:Teacher Day: Dress up like your favorite teacher today.

T 6/5-U: Unhealthy Snack Day (no candy or soda): Bring an unhealthy snack to school . Candy and soda are NOT allowed.

W 6/6-V: Vision Day- Share with someone what you would like to be or do when you grow up. You can make an individual or class vision board to help share your ideas with the school.

TH 6/7-W: Walk Day: Enjoy the fresh air and enjoy a walk with your class.

F 6/8-: X-Cellent Dress Day!: Wear your fancy clothes to celebrate 8th grade graduation Mass!

M 6/11-Y: Yummy Day: Your teacher will bring in a yummy treat to share with their class today.

TU 6/12-Z: Zip into Summer: Zip into summer with a casual day!

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